One Dimensional Thinking

Wassup Dreamers! 

Back again with another tidbit, this time a bit more introspective. I've had some pretty interesting talks in the past week and it's given me a chance to really examine the way some people think. I had two very different discussions with some friends and through each conversation, I realized that people tend to think in a singular pattern. There's only on dimension to their thought process and I find that interesting. Well, also I find it sort of alarming, but I don't want to overly criticize. That's not my purpose. 

Anyway. What I mean by "one dimensional thinking", is when you only look at a situation through one specific lens and ignore any and all other possibilities. Granted, I'm not saying that there aren't some things that have a simple outcome or purpose. However, life, humanity, all of it is so very complicated. All that to say, when we look at most situations, we must take all things in to account. Too often we oversimplify some of the most tragic events because we have a deep need to confine it to an understandable form. We put people and situations into these tiny boxes so that it's easier for us to make sense of them, but that is wrong.

Every single person is the sum total of their life experiences. But our ability to grow mentally, and emotionally, heavily rely on the space we are given to do so. If the sky's the limit, why try and define what the "sky" is? Why seek to minimize the limits of the mind? How do you give someone an answer you cannot possibly know? 

In short, I've found that to try and define what cannot be defined leads one to a closed mind. Closed minds have torn this world apart many times over. Whatever you believe in, whatever you were taught. Bear in mind that it's only a fraction and you still have a responsibility to come to your own understanding. Life isn't black & white nor can it be confined to our simple and tiny boxes. It is up to us to carefully examine each situation we find ourselves in and make the best choices that we possibly can. That won't stop something bad from happening. It also doesn't guarantee that your choice was the better option across the board. It is all that it was ever going to be: YOUR choice. A choice you alone must live with. 

My personal opinion? I'd rather make a choice I knew was my own opposed to choose according to a path another decided for me. 

Anyway, thanks for reading. Until next time. 


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  • CQ
    CQ DC
    This is dope man! My lens is always open to every view. I have to see it from every angle in order to understand.

    This is dope man! My lens is always open to every view. I have to see it from every angle in order to understand.

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