Who is Lost Angel of Havik?

Lost Angel of Havik, referred to as L.A. or Lay by peers, could be described simply as a young man from an ordinary city, with a not so ordinary talent. At the age of sixteen, an ever-present passion for writing and telling stories, evolved and a star began to shine.
Music found him through his mentor and longtime friend, Warren Peace. The early years were mostly development, and ALOT of writing and recording, culminating with his first mixtape release in January of 2007 entitled, "Str8 Outta Tha 301." Later that year, L.A. made perhaps one of the most significant moves of his career by founding the group known as "Havik" with fellow underground hip hop artists and friends: Rayne, Secrets, Ness Rhyme & Stak. The comraderie with his groupmates further developed L.A. into the artist that he is today, his style heavily influenced by Havik aswell as his idols, Eminem & Bone Thugs N Harmony.
As of today, L.A. has been performing in the Washington, D.C. area where he also resides. Currently working on a number of projects, he keeps himself busy, always penning new lyrics and exploring different concepts. His latest album releases, "Dorian Gray," & "Revolutionary" (w/ Secrets of Havik) have recieved plenty of positive feedback and is regarded by many fans as his best work to date.
The twenty-seven year old self-proclaimed "rap-singer" has many goals for the future. These include, a clever line of merchandise called  "Lay'd Up Apparel" aswell as a brand new solo album entitled "#MoneySexMusicLies." He also plans to get into the studio and expand his horizons, working with artists both in and out of state. As always, his end goal is success, and for him, that means simply being able to do music for the rest of his life. 

"If everyone else is doing it big, I'm gonna do it major!"

~ Lost Angel of Havik ~

What Do They Say About Him?

This is a very motivational & inspirational album that flows together flawlessly. Lost Angel of Havik truly has outdone himself on this album. ”

100 Underground Empire on the new album "#MoneySexMusicLies"