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Searching For Support 

"I love you, how can you not love me? How can you not want to stick around? Look at me, I’m being successful, clap for me? Why aren’t you clapping for me? Why don’t you care?" - Amber Janae

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One Dimensional Thinking

Wassup Dreamers! 

Back again with another tidbit, this time a bit more introspective. I've had some pretty interesting talks in the past week and it's given me a chance to really examine the way some people think. I had…

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The Culture Of Hate 

Wassup my fellow dreamers! 

So today, I wanted to talk about something that I see alot of nowadays. I notice, there is this ever increasing trend of people sharing things they truly dislike, even to the point of it…

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The Big Problem With Overbooking...

What's up Dreamers!?

So I wanted to write this based on an experience I just had this past weekend. I normally don't like to post and/or harp on negatives. However, I feel this was a learning experience and I always…Read more

Embrace The Dreamer!: A Summary

A blog & community designed to celebrate and embrace creators and dreamers. Our mission statement is 

 to encourage self discovery, appreciation and above all else, love. Often times, we find ourselves looking to fit inside the boxes that society has created for us. Being outside of those boxes makes you different and by societal standards, abnormal. This movement seeks to undo that way of thinking by providing a new perspective. The motto is simple. Be yourself and enjoy it. It's a fundamental idea that we believe anyone can understand and relate to. We support the dreamers and our mission is to create a positive forum for all to express themselves.