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Flight From Nowhere Records is a hip hop collective founded by Lost Angel of Havik. The concept originated in Lost Angel's high school years in a after school writer's club called "Inkwell Society." "Flight From Nowhere" was born as collaborative story between club members. As that idea never reached fruition, the concept was reinvented and reapplied by Lost Angel as he began to build up his brand. Now, "Flight From Nowhere" refers to to "nothing to something" journey that artists make in their careers.  "Flight From Nowhere" or "FFN" as it is sometimes referred to has four longtime members: Lost Angel of Havik, Longway, Secrets of Havik, & Joshua Smyth. 

Flight From Nowhere has 4 released collaborative LP's from it's members. These projects can be found in the Free Albums section of this page. In December 2015, Lost Angel of Havik, Secrets of Havik, and Longway collaborated on a brand new record entitled "In This Moment" featuring an incredible chorus from Ashleigh Munn and production by Atomic Beats. In 2016, Lost Angel of Havik added a media imprint to Flight From Nowhere, dubbing it "Lay'd Up." Find more in the "Lay'd Up" section of this website.

Latest Music

In This Moment (Single)

Flight From Nowhere Records

"In This Moment" by. Longway, Secrets of Havik & Lost Angel of Havik feat. vocals by. Ashleigh Munn. Beat produced by. Atomic Beats.

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