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  1. For That Glimmer

From the recording "For That Glimmer" (Single)


For That Glimmer Lyrics...

What you gon’ do for that glimmer baby,
ArcStride, work that pole for that glimmer baby,
Void walk, deep inside, drive them Warlocks crazy,
Oh you a Titan? Lemme smash for that glimmer baby...

1st Verse:
She lookin’ fine, Nightstalkin’ on the Lunar surface,
She a wraith with spectral blades, and she gon’ slay with purpose,
Droppin’ tethers, she be trappin’, she don’t trust lip service,
Make her quiver, in her rigs, guess I make her nervous,
Love the way she ArcStrides, baby work that pole,
A lethal current when she hit that combination blow,
She got that Focused Breathing, I pull up and ebb and flow,
Take off that Raiden Flux, come and give Kayden a show..
I’m not the Outlaw that’s gon’ leave her with a chain of woe...
Practice makes perfect, line’er up, I’ma shoot my shot, let’s go..

2nd Verse:
Ignited by my touch, I’m trynna Phoenix dive,
Told her bout my book collection, I could feel her heat rise,
Guess Im fated for the flame, and when she ride, she scream my name,
Bet once I’m done, she gon’ need that Well,
Cuz you know I’ma beat that Well
She Stormcallin’, Lighting, drippin’ off her body, got me,
Caught in an Arc-Web, tie me up, I’m feelin’ naughty,
Kisses like Ionic Traces, love the way she levitatin’
Lookin’ like a rising storm, I Hit it til’ she pulsewavin’,
Feed the Void, cause she told me she’s insatiable,
Atomic Breach,
She said my love makin’s sensational

3rd Verse:
She hit that Thundercrash, I’ll make her splash for that Glimmer,
Leavin’ aftershocks, full frontal assault, when I’m in her,
She’s a knockout in the sheets, when she ballistic slam on me,
She felt that Impact conversion, at Terminal velocity,
Rally force, she turnt the tide with a tactical strike,
I see the void inside her eyes, when she resupply,
I love when she’s aggressive, Got Controlled Demolition,
Bet she cast a Ward of Dawn while on top of me In The Trenches,
She’s fire-forged, baby ride it like a seige-breaker,
tireless warrior, I hit it til’ she can’t take it