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  1. Gambit On My Mind

From the recording Gambit On My Mind


I wake up in the mornin’ I got Gambit on my mind,
On Sorrow’s road to Dregen, I won’t stop until it’s mine,
And all these guardians invadin’ trynna knock me off my grind,
But I won’t let’em do it, I got Gambit on my mind,
Said I got Gambit on my mind (5x)

1st Verse:
Just let me get 5 motes, I’m trynna send this blocker,
And get this match started right, I ain’t trynna have no problems,
My Jötunn meltin’ these adds, I might go for 10,
Help me take out these blockers so I can bank’em all, ‘fore they kill me,
My whole team full of blueberries, I’m solo-quein’ for this title,
Been trynna build up my Infamy so I can get the ghost for my triumphs,
I’m stockin’ up on these bounties so I can get my third reset,
Still on the quest for my Breakneck, these objectives got me stressed,
I’m burned out with all these losses, I hit Legend so I get nothin’,
Hours later, 10 points away, I need one win, we gon’ clutch it,
Primeval up, take out the wizards, we get the buff, and just melt it,
That’s round 1, got 1 to go, just lettin’ ya know...

2nd Verse:
They invade, I popped my super, blade barrage, it’s time to die,
I saw’em kill my teammates so I had to take their life,
I got full heavy, grabbed some orbs then I invade the other side,
Shards of Galanor & Hammerhead made sure their whole team wipes,
Their bodies laid out on the field and all their ghosts out trynna revive,
They lost their motes, they were so close, at least they tried,
We just killed our Primeval, and now the title’s mine,
So I head back to the Tower,
Made my way to the Drifter...

3rd Verse:
I killed the servitor, then ran Corrupted,
I got the Malfeasance equipped, it’s eruptin’,
I’m killin’ off Taken to soak up their darkness, yes I am Dregen, Tell Shin I’m comin’,
Last Word on my hip til’ it spin in my grip, and I fan back the hammer, and empty it quick...
I might just pull out my Trust on that Gunslinger tip...