From the recording Hopeless Romantic (SlayMix)


Ah ahhhhhhhaaahh
Girl don't even try....

I can’t lie, I’m too way too focused,
Ain’t with the shits, these girls they think that I’ma novice,
Trynna play me, bet they think that I won’t notice,
Feels like I’m always chosen cause I’m romantic but still I’m hopeless,
We can make arrangements thoooo,
And if she down down who knows...
I could ghost and just say fuck it...
Cause it’s not love if we just fuckin...

1st Verse:
Used to be the one to fall in love,
(I got my heart broke)
Got sick of getting burned now lately could give a fuck,
(Now when she approach)
I’m like girl please,
Don’t waste my time,
Get on your knees,
Just blow my mind,
Ain’t got no words, I’m not here for conversation,
Just take off them clothes, and take this standing ovation,
And then I’m out, no attachments,
I do me, see you in passin’,
If I’m ghost, don’t hit my phone ‘less you want action...

2nd Verse:
Outta my mind, trynna chase’em,
Know in my heart I can’t save’em,
Tried to forgive and forget but I’m sick of the shit,
Had me livid, and loosin’ my grip,
So check it, I stick to my grind,
I made up my mind,
Ain’t wastin’ no time, chasin’ what I’ll never find, I’m out here just trynna get mine,
So here are the rules, don’t catch no feelings,
I’m just here for fun, no commitments,
I’m chillin’ and makin’ a killin’,
I’m lookin’ for somebody willin’ to take all this dick,
See I hit and move on to the next,
Want action, just send me a text,
Otherwise, I’ma just focus on me while collectin’ these checkss

I know what you’re tryin’ to do...
I won’t waste my time with you...
I just need a dime or two...