"No Options" Lyrics (#MoneySexMusicLies) 

1st Verse:
Young man, with a lot on my plate,
They ask how's life, some days not great,
But its all what you make,
I'ma go getta homie, so I really don't wait,
Can't waste no time, cause you don't get it back,
Put my all in these tracks, hope it all pay back,
See this music is my heartbeat,
I Paint a picture with my lyrics, so my vision, you can all see,
Truth is, I'm worn out,
Weak and weary, but my will strong,
So I keep on marchin' to the beat of my drum,
Let the 808 thump, feel it bumpin' out the trunk,
Got no other choice but to make this work,
So I'm puttin in work like 24/7,
Yeah it get hard, but I'm playin' part,
I'm trynna go far, can't do any more stressin'

If I fall down, I'ma get back up, 
Wether whatever whenever life gets tough, 
On my grown man shit, 
Yeah the path ahead of me, it might get tough, 
I say hi to my layters, I know they watchin', 
Got me under surveillance, they clockin', 
I tell'em keep they hands out my pockets, 
I do this music like there ain't no other option... 
I said ohhhh I know they watchin' me.... 
They should know there ain't stoppin' me.... 
Watch they'll try to imitate and copy me... 
I tell'em keep they hands out my pockets, 
​I do this music cause there ain't no other option...

2nd Verse:
See I Tell it like it is, no filter,
And nowadays, the whole game off kilter,
So in love with music, promise I just wanna feel her,
So I refuse let these phony niggas kill her,
My only friend when I down and out,
My other love thru all break ups,
First thing on my mind when I wake up,
Even when everyone was tellin' me wake up,
I be like it's no chance I'ma let go,
Came time to wreak Havik, I said let's go,
I was so syncere when I wrote this here,
They gon' feel it in they soul, that I know no fear,
Hold those dear, right by my side,
My kindred, they stay down to ride,
Can't take my pride,
I'ma stay makin' hits til' the day I die,
If I, If I....fall down, I'ma get back up,
Wether whatever even with odds stacked up,
See I got no other choice but to make this work,
Started from the bottom, nah, I came up from the dirt...


Lyrics By: Lawrence Lyons 
Performed By: Lost Angel of Havik 
Album: #MoneySexMusicLies (2016) 

(c) 2016 Flight From Nowhere Records/Lay'd Up Media

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