"Everyday" Lyrics (#MoneySexMusicLies) 

1st Verse:
Started off as a simple infatuation, 
A crush, with maybe just the slightest hint of lust, 
Got me fiendin' for that body in the worst way, 
I was already hooked, by the time we had our first date, 
Girl you're all I ever wanted, 
Such a beautiful queen, you love to flaunt it, 
Swear I never saw you comin', 
But lookin' at you now is hard to stomach, 
Admit I messed up, struggled stayin' faithful, 
Cheatin' with these lies, all this evil in disguise, 
And now all I can see is these niggas rape you, 
Innocence lost, you lookin' at me, land your eyes are so hateful, 
Paid for my mistakes, gimme a break for God's sak 
Plenty on my plate, where were you through all this heartache, 
Then my heartbreaks, and you take, 
All these fakes, and use fate, 
Throw it in my face, screamin' you ain't never loose faith, 
Its so hard to make up when you're damaged, 
Babe I'm sorry, Cause I never should of panicked, 
You loved me like no other on this planet, 
Watchin' these niggas treat you like they do, I just can't stand it, 
You're my soulmate, why you trynna fight it, 
When we're together, you can't hide that you're excited, 
My first thought when I open & shut my eyelids, 
You're my gift, but you want me to share and i don't like it 

See Everyday I feel I'm loosing mind,  
Cuz everyday I feel I'm wasting time,  
everyday I question my future with this music and I wonder if I'm truly worthy of her love...  
Am I worthy of her love (4x)  
See Everyday I feel I'm loosing mind,  
Cuz everyday I feel I'm wasting time, 

2nd Verse: 
The most popular girl in school, its obvious I'ma fool, 
all that love'll make you do, 
Wishin' I could make her choose, 
She get rude, actin' like she don't know me, 
But all these nights, she stayin' up late just hold me, 
She Told me everything gon' be okay, 
And I believed her, 
She said she would always be there, 
if I need'er, 
Deciever, Recievin' only pain, 
Its strange, Never thought I would see her change, But mayne, 
It's a cold world, and she a cold girl, 
She knows love hurts, this life is no pearl, 
But she gimme fever, all whilep ' all my ailments, 
The tale went, me and her together for forever, and I'm hell bent, 
Take back the past, can't do it, 
I know hurt you bad, but I love you, I can prove it, 
You're my better half, life without you would be the cruelest, 
Punishment indeed, we be you leaving me for good and, 
You shackin' up with lames, just to soothe your own pains, 
All we have is misery, and we feel it the same, 
Try to hate each other, but its obvious we can't, 
What I feel for you is somethin' I just can't explain, 
Dammit I hate it when we fight, but I love the make up sex, 
Cuz You take it all away like baby fuck stress, 
You're the light in all this darkness I call my life, and all is right when you by my side, but I can't lie, these days I'm feelin' like...

Lyrics By: Lawrence Lyons 
Performed By: Lost Angel of Havik 
Album: #MoneySexMusicLies (2016)

(c) 2016 Flight From Nowhere Records/Lay'd Up Media

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