"No Options" Lyrics (#MoneySexMusicLies) Podcast

1st Verse:
Young man, with a lot on my plate,
They ask how's life, some days not great,
But its all what you make,
I'ma go getta homie, so I really don't wait,
Can't waste no time, cause you don't get it back,
Put my all in these tracks, hope it all pay back,
See this music is my heartbeat,
I Paint a picture with my lyrics, so my vision, you can all see,
Truth is, I'm worn out,
Weak and weary, but my will strong,
So I keep on marchin' to the beat of my drum,
Let the 808 thump, feel it bumpin' out the trunk,
Got no other…

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"Everyday" Lyrics (#MoneySexMusicLies) Podcast

1st Verse:
Started off as a simple infatuation, 
A crush, with maybe just the slightest hint of lust, 
Got me fiendin' for that body in the worst way, 
I was already hooked, by the time we had our first date, 
Girl you're all I ever wanted, 
Such a beautiful queen, you love to flaunt it, 
Swear I never saw you comin', 
But lookin' at you now is hard to stomach, 
Admit I messed up, struggled stayin' faithful, 
Cheatin' with these lies, all this evil in disguise, 
And now all I can see is these niggas rape you, 

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